Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolution: Lose Weight

Every January 1, millions of people the world over make the same resolution: This year, I am going to lose weight.

And with that resolution, they join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, sign up at the local Y or join a gym. Yet, for all too many, keeping that resolution isn't as easy as making it. People end up starving themselves or exercising hours on end. Then after a few weeks when the weight doesn't mysteriously drop off, they give up.

Getting in shape, losing weight, and maintaining weight involve than just exercising hard and eating less. The secret is knowing your metabolism and knowing how many calories you need to burn at rest and when you are exercising.

So unless you know how many calories you actually need to consume and burn, then any weight program you start may just be doomed from day one.

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