Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Already Fallen Off the Wagon?

Did you start the New Year with high hopes and lofty goals? Maybe you planned to lose some weight, eat healthier, and begin to exercise regularly. Unfortunately, it's not easy to develop new healthy habits. Don't give up! This is not a sprint, but rather a long distance event. Your goal is to develop a whole new healthy lifestyle. Make realistic goals. Don't try to accomplish everything at once. Focus on one area and work hard to become consistently successful in that area, then move to another area. When you have a set back, don't beat yourself up. Get back in the game, try harder, and start over.

Remember, you didn't get to this point overnight. So don't expect to achieve some great success in just a few days, or even weeks. It takes about 40 days to develop a habit. I tell my patients that it takes about 12-15 weeks to put it all together so that you are consistent in food logging, cardio, and strength training. It's definitely easier with a friend or family member making the journey with you.

Reflect on the areas you struggle in and determine why. Develop a strategy for success. If snacks are your downfall, make it your mission to list 20 healthy snack alternatives. If you eat out alot and have difficulty making good choices, go ahead and list your 5 top restuarants and determine to list 3 healthy entrees for each of them. The next time you're at your favorite spot, you'll know what to order. This is your life! Take control and responsibility for your health and wellbeing. You can do it!

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