Monday, January 14, 2008

The Importance of Planning in Weight Management!

Do you make your food choice just about the time your brain tells you "I'm starving!"? If so, you probably are at risk for making a poor choice. One of the most difficult times of day for me is when I arrive home from work, while my wife is finishing up supper. There was a time when I simply walked to the pantry, stepped in, and began to forage. I felt that I was helping out by consuming those last chips in the bag, the last few cookies in the container, or the remaining nuts in the can.

The only way to avoid falling into the above trap is to have healthy alternatives available, and in my case, already portion controlled out. I recommend that you list your 10 favorite healthy snacks (i.e., almonds, trail mix, baked wheat thins and peanut butter, zone bars, etc), purchase a big box of resealable sandwich bags, and portion out those snacks. Place them anywhere you may be when you get hungry. In addition to the pantry, I keep some in the office, in my car, and in my wife's car. This makes satisfying my hunger not only easier, but also healthier.

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Anonymous said...

Glad idea about planning ahead with snacks. That definitely will keep me from pigging out on chips.